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NPK 15 15 15 Fertilizer 50kg bags
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NPK Fertilizer 15 15 15 fertilizers provide key primary and secondary nutrients to soils and crops. Produced through a chemical process, these all-in-one complex fertilizers increase agricultural yields. We have the flexibility to produce several formulations on demand. Nitrogen (N): 15% Phosphorus (P): 15% Potassium (K): 15% Other Ingredients: In addition to the three main nutrients, this product also contains secondary and micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and molybdenum. The specific composition of secondary and micronutrients may vary depending on the manufacturer and product formulation. Physical Form: this product is available in granular form. The granules are usually uniform in size and can vary in color, but are commonly beige or brown. Application: this product is commonly used in agricultural practices to provide a balanced supply of essential nutrients to plants. It can be applied to various crops, including field crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and lawns. The balanced ratio of NPK in this fertilizer formulation promotes overall plant growth, root development, flowering, and fruit production. The nutrients in NPK fertilizer 15-15-15 are readily available for plant uptake and can be used for both initial soil preparation and ongoing fertilization throughout the growing season.
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