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IR64 5% Broken Parboiled Rice
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Rice Variety: IR64: a popular variety of rice known for its high-yield potential and good cooking qualities. It is widely cultivated in many rice-producing regions. /Broken Grain Percentage: 5% /Usage: Parboiled rice, including IR64 parboiled rice, is suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. It can be used for cooking various rice dishes such as biryanis, pilafs, fried rice, and more. Parboiled rice is known for its ability to retain its shape and separate the grains after cooking. /Quality: The 5% broken specification indicates that the product has a high level of intact grains, which is considered desirable for certain culinary uses. However, the broken percentage can affect the price and potential uses of the rice, as broken grains are sometimes used in specific food preparations or as an ingredient in other products.

Vendor Name:Jolly Import export India

Vendor Address:16 Poniaman Koil Street Selaiyur

Country of Business:India

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