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Instant fat filled Milk Powder, Full Fat 28%
From $3,200.00- $3.00 / Tonnes

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premium Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder, Full Fat 28%, a versatile dairy product designed to enrich your culinary creations with creamy goodness. Crafted from high-quality milk solids and vegetable fats, our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder offers the rich taste and creamy texture of full-fat milk while providing the convenience of extended shelf life and easy storage. With a fat content of 28%, our milk powder is perfect for adding richness and flavor to a wide range of recipes, including beverages, desserts, baked goods, and savory dishes. Whether you’re whipping up a smooth cappuccino, baking a decadent cake, or preparing a creamy sauce, our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is the perfect choice for achieving superior taste and texture.

Vendor Name:Pure Valley Dairy

Vendor Address:ul. Rokicka 15 83-110 Tczew, Polska, Poland Polska

Country of Business:Poland

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